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Nigeria SONCAP certified products list

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 611Time: 2016-04-18SMB

Group I, Toys
Product coding product name
I-01 toy products, including video games and other electronic toys, electronic games, entertainment equipment, as well as outdoor game equipment

Group II, Electrical & Electronics
Product coding product name
II-01 home audio and video equipment and other similar electronic products;
II-02 household vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning equipment;
II-03 household electric iron;
II-04 home extractors;
II-05 home dishwasher;
II-06 fixed household cooking stove, oven, oven and other household appliances;
II-07 household washing machine;
II-08 with a razor, cutlery and other similar household appliances barber;
II-09 (grill grate), oven and other household appliances;
II-10 household floor processing machine and water spray type cleaning machine;
II-11 home drier (dryer);
II-12 heating plates and other similar household appliances;
II-13 hot frying pan, frying pan (frypan) and other household utensils;
II-14 household kitchen machinery;
II-15 household liquid heating appliances;
II-16 household food waste processor (anti clogging device);
II-17 blankets, pads, and other similar domestic flexible thermal insulation products;
II-21 household storage type water heater;
II-23 household skin and hair care products;
II-24 household equipment and refrigeration equipment, ice machine ice cream;
II-25 domestic microwave oven, including combination type microwave oven;
II-26 household clocks and watches;
II-27 household skin to receive ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation equipment;
II-28 household sewing machine;
II-29 household battery charger;
II-30 household heating device;
II-31 domestic stove chimney cap;
II-32 home massage equipment;
II-34 domestic engine compressor;
II-35 household fast / instantaneous water heater;
II-40 household electric pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers;
II-41 home inflator;
II-43 household clothes dryer and towel rack;
II-44 household iron;
II-45 portable heating tools and other similar household appliances;
II-51 domestic fixed type heating circulating pump and industrial water use equipment;
II-52 household oral sanitary appliances;
II-53 household Finland type steam bath heating equipment;
Household cleaning equipment for II-54 using liquid or steam;
Household electrical appliances for use in aquarium or garden ponds II-55;
II-56 home projectors and similar products;
II-59 household insecticide;
II-60 household whirlpool bath device (rotary water bath device);
II-61 household heat storage heating device;
II-65 household air fresh equipment;
II-66 household water heating bed heater;
II-73 household fixed immersion heating < above are all belong to the SONCAP certification body product certification