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Nigeria SONCAP certification introduction

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 618Time: 2016-04-18SMB

SONCAP is Standards Organisation of Nigeria conformity assessment program Nigeria qualified assessment procedures and Standards Organisation of Nigeria (son). Standards organization of Nigeria issued certification.SONCAP in March 2005 to September 1, 2005 1, this period of time for voluntary certification. From the beginning of September 1, 2005, according to the provisions within the scope of products, SONCAP certification for Compulsory Certification Implementation.

Nigeria SONCAP certification introduction:
Both imports and domestic manufacturing products should comply with the relevant provisions of the Nigerian industrial standard, which is a legal obligation to consider to Nigeria, the current development of economic status, the Nigerian Bureau of standards has the responsibility to have the obligation to protect the rights of the Nigerian consumers, that is not subject to the unqualified imported products that harm the rights. The consumers in the Nigerian market access to imported goods mostly unqualified products.

The goal of SONCAP is to achieve:
To ensure that the products are exported to Nigeria and enter the market to meet the relevant requirements of Nigeria industrial standards;
Ensure that imported goods and domestic manufacturing products have a quality platform to prevent unfair market competition;
To prevent the dumping of substandard goods to the Nigeria market, thereby avoiding losses to the country and the importer;
Avoid loss of life and property, including the loss of foreign exchange to the exporter;
To prevent the negative impact of the relevant authorities in the destruction of substandard products, such as environmental pollution;
To ensure the rapid clearance of imported goods in order to facilitate trade;
Helps to encourage real investors to invest in Nigeria.

Since September 2005 1, SONCAP has become a mandatory requirement, these products is called product control. If there is no compliance SONCAP relevant provisions of these products may result in Nigeria port additional testing and clearance time delay.

SONCAP includes two stages. The first stage called "product certification" (product certification), which can only be used for the first time to the Nigerian export a particular category of regulated products. Through product certification exporters can obtain "product certificate (product certificate), certificate is valid up to a maximum of three years. The second stage is called" the Nigerian National Bureau of standards mandatory conformity assessment certification program "(hereinafter referred to as the SONCAP certification) for in a number of prior to shipment. The two certification are in the office of the Nigeria National Bureau of standards in the exporting country (son Country Office handled.

Without the SONCAP certification of regulated products to enter the port of Nigeria will has been rejected or refused clearance. This will require exporters / importers of re exported the goods or face due to the delay caused by products of the test. Exporters / importers themselves due to the behavior of all the consequences. All exporters and importers of any documents by your country's Nigeria Office (SONCOs) for or Toby agent.