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ETL certification factory inspection requirements

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 1029Time: 2016-04-18SMB

ETL certification factory inspection requirements
ETL certification in general does not need to carry out pre certification of the factory inspection, but need to conduct regular without prior notification of the follow-up inspection plan, including the factory, to compensate for these checks to levy an annual fee.
If necessary, the inspectors may witness the re testing of the product or after the sample is tested in the laboratory.

The first ETL certification inspection with quarterly review
1, if you are requesting a ETL certification for the first time. After the test, our test plant personnel will be to the factory first factory inspection. Factories should prepare the necessary work and prepare the product model and related documents (such as parts of the specification, etc.).
2, the ETL factory is a factory audit quality control system to apply for ETL certification of the factory according to the ETL report and review the main structure for your products and main parts inspection approval.
The review of the project can be roughly divided into: on production of the whole manufacturing process quality control procedures. Quality control methods, including incoming inspection, assembly procedures. All with record or report the testing, testing methods, equipment list and calibration records, test report and relevant corrective actions. On ETL label use management.
3, if after the first inspection of the factory, manufacturers moved to another place, we will once again to the factory for factory inspection.
4. After initial factory inspection, we will each quarter of the factory was a quarterly review. If your previous ETL reports have some key components not listed by the United States national accredited laboratory (NRTL), we will in the quarterly review selected the parts into the annual audit.