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On the common problems of the ETL listing mark

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On the common problems of the ETL listing mark
The coffee machine, chemical handling equipment to stepping car, Intertek has helped thousands of manufacturers, their products than competitors in advance for several months into the North American market.

Why choose manufacturer ETL listing mark?
Manufacturers hope to have more options to meet their procurement needs, an important part of the testing and certification service provider is selected.

ETL listed mark with UL and CSA listing mark equal in law
Legal requirements in products sold in the United States for testing and certification in the occupational safety and Health Council (OSHA) designated nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) were. NRTL function is for all kinds of electric, gas, fuel products provide an independent assessment, testing and certification services. Intertek is the United States recognized the NRTL, in Canada is the Standards Council of Canada recognized product safety certification organization. You can access the OSHA website to get more information.
Product affixed with ETL listed mark indicates that the product has reached the specified the basic requirements of the safety standards. In addition, the logo also said manufacturer's factory comply with all compliance measures, and accept the regular track inspection to verify whether the products have continued consistency.

UL, CSA and ETL, what is the difference between the sign?
A sign above the product has been tested by the National Laboratory Accreditation (NRTL) independent testing, and reached the most basic requirements of product safety standards are widely accepted, at the same time as a part of this testing system, product manufacturers agreed to conduct follow-up inspections to verify whether the product is qualified. These marks between real sustained the only difference lies in service, provide different service testing laboratory will be different from the experience of.Intertek customers can ETL the real difference. We test tailored solutions for customers, fast turnaround time, and flexible way, in effectively changing service, improve the cooperation environment the laboratory test and product manufacturers to cooperate more closely. In short, we can make products faster than before, more smoothly, more The benefits of the market.

What is the NRTL?
National recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) is by the occupational safety and Health Committee (OSHA) accredited independent laboratory, according to the applicable product safety standards (such as UL and other standards formulated product safety standards developed by the agency) requirements for product testing. Functions of the NRTL is all electric, gas and fuel products provide an independent assessment, testing and certification services. Intertek is the United States recognized the NRTL, in Canada is the Standards Council of Canada approved test organization (T0) and certification bodies (CB) or approved by the European notified bodies.

What are the specific requirements of the NRTL program?
The NRTL program is part of the OSHA technical support of the board of directors. As part of the OSHA instruction, in order to ensure that the products are used in the United States is safe, NRTL plans by private organizations to determine the ability to recognize specific products conform to uniform safety standards. OSHA security standard belongs to the laws of the United States, in the Federal Code (< > CFR) found in the twenty-ninth chapter. Specifically, the provisions on the NRTL certification in CFR part 1910th (Chapter twenty-ninth CFR part 1910th) found. Note that the OSHA of NRTL approval, and not the authority of government authorization, and a recognition of the organization are just testing and certification of safety products in the range of OSHA approved the ability. If you want to know more information about the NRTL program, we welcome you to visit the OSHA website, the website is www.osha.gov.

Is the manufacturer not required to use UL for product compliance testing? Is this not mandatory?
The answer to these two questions are very simple: not. In fact, this misconception has misled the many producers that they can't choose the third party testing partners. In fact, to meet for your products tested by an independent organization prerequisite, implementation must be recognized by OSHA nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL). Intertek is recognized around the world to carry out testing, testing and certification organization, our ETL listed flag is as proof of compliance with the standard American. Click here to get more information of Intertek global certification testing laboratory.

If my product list ETL listing mark means what?
Simply speaking, ETL listing mark that your product has after Intertek Testing, in line with national standards accepted by the, also meet the basic requirements for the product sales or distribution. For your dealer, retailers and customers, ETL mark products conform to safety standards, has been after the guarantee of third-party testing and certification.

If my product with a ETL listing mark, the retailer will accept?
Yes. Because the ETL listing mark is widely accepted and recognized product conformity certificate, Intertek is recognized NRTL, retailers have no reason not to accept the product with a ETL listing mark. Individual retailers or distributors do not accept a ETL listing mark of the product, it may be because the market is the misrepresentation of misleading misinformation some manufacturers think they cannot choose the third party testing partners themselves. Intertek plays a leading role in helping the industry understand rules in compliance with legal requirements of the implicit, we help those who are still confused about the producers and retailers to better understand their true market responsibility, and fully understand that we provide competitive advantage.

If my customers are not familiar with the ETL listed mark, how can I tell them?
There is no standard formula to let customers or users better understand the ETL listing mark. According to the specific circumstances of the background, environment and other details, the correct methods are different. Some customers only need to produce them with other ETL listing mark and respected by everyone in our products (< > to catalog name found) can eliminate their concerns. Some customers may insist that UL is the only acceptable product certificate of compliance, which requires them to more fully explain the real law requires third party product safety testing hidden. Attention should be paid to listen carefully to the problems, and to provide them with accurate the answer to solve their concerns. They tell NRTL plan related matters,
To them explain our product safety certification plan included tests and UL, column names, labeling and tracking inspection service, and we had to go through the same organizations, institutions, certification authority. However, it is perhaps the most important point to stressed to them the Intertek is how to make the test to become a more flexible and more comfortable process -- they can no longer product safety testing as strict obligation, but a can process for their product development cycle of value-added and help them to get to market faster.

Which products won the ETL listing mark?
Intertek across a number of industries, the application market and the company provides a variety of product safety testing and certification services. Therefore, using ETL listed mark products contains many varieties of X-ray equipment from the air conditioning to. If you want to have a thorough understanding of what products to use our logo, please refer to our < products listed Directory >, the directory has details of Intertek Testing and certification of a wide variety of products.

Which countries accept the ETL logo?
In the United States and Canada, the ETL mark is widely accepted as a product conformity certificate.
However, need to pay attention to is, through our extensive global accreditation Intertek is authorized to provide products in the sales and distribution in other countries need safety signs. Such marks are NOM mark, CE mark, GS mark, s logo and so on.

Local inspectors know ETL listing mark?
Is. In the North America and parts of South America, ETL listed mark is by the local inspector and is recognized by the jurisdiction of the Department (AHJ). Due to Intertek is recognized by OSHA NRTL and ETL listed mark and the UL Mark is widely accepted symbol. Therefore, inspectors and AHJ are recognized, recognition, an ETL listed mark as product conformity certificate.

The North America accepts the ETL listing mark?
Amway (Amway Corp), Penny (JCPenney), Sam member shops (Sam 's club, Sears (Sears), and so on. As the ETL listed mark is widely recognized and accepted the products meet the safety standards of proof, therefore, retailers, and the inspector, and has jurisdiction departments (AHJ) ETL listed products are acceptable.

Have a long history of ETL listing mark?
"ETL" has a history of 100 years. When producers for their products for Intertek specific ETL listing mark and bring "ETL" the letters they have a full of innovation, and independent of the history of. In fact, the first electrical testing laboratory (ETL) is founded by Thomas Edison in 1896.
Electrical testing laboratory was established in order to solve the problem of safety and performance of light. Edison's idea is through a variety of products performance and security testing to consumers to provide a guarantee. Edison created by third-party light test methods of basic principles are still in use, such as experts on lamps and lighting monitoring to determine their service life, luminous intensity, and whether the combustion or explosion. Learn more about Intertek history information, as well as our testing services is how to global manufacturers to provide help.

ETL listed mark what version?
If the product affixed with ETL listed mark and symbol of the right corner (4 o'clock position) with the word "us", said the product after the test, and in line with the product safety standards. "If ETL listed mark the lower left corner (3 o'clock position) with" C "words, said the product is in compliance with Canadian product safety standards." if ETL listed mark in the lower right corner (4 o'clock position) and the lower left corner (8 o'clock position) and there were "us" and "C" words, said the product is also in line with the United States and Canada product safety standards.