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The Federal Communications Commission FCC will re regulate broadband

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 604Time: 2016-04-18SMB

The Federal Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "FCC") plan Thursday decided to vote whether the three regulation broadband submitted to public debate. The three methods have a from FCC chairman Democrat Julius Genachowski, Julius Genachowski, he built discussion will be broadband access is defined to abide by equal treatment of all traffic in the common carriers, the telecom service.

This is Genachowski's proposal before a federal appeals court decision in response to the judgment of FCC in the current regulatory framework of broadband authority was questioned.

This proposal has been the support of many large Internet companies, they think that the proposal would ensure that the FCC to preventing on broadband connection control to the user's online behavior to intervene in the phone and cable companies. Open Internet (open Internet coalition alliance executive directors Markham Erickson (Markham Erickson pointed out: "this really very urgent, since there is no any laws and regulations to protect consumers from infringement of the phone and cable companies, even those with the most notorious acts of discrimination can not be stopped." the group's members include Google, eBay, Amazon and Skype.

But Genachowski's proposal has been the broadband service providers strong of, including at t and Verizon communications. They think the proposal will lead to the emergence of many heavy and outdated laws, to dampen their network upgrade enthusiasm. Before the House Commerce Committee Republican staff Howard Waltzman (Howard Waltzman) said: "the proposal of FCC may cause enterprises to destabilise the billions of dollars of investment in broadband."

Many Republicans in Congress, and even some Democrats and the FCC's five commissioners in two Republicans opposed Julius Genachowski proposed. From the Texas Republican congressman John Kleberson (John Culberso) has said if the FCC through the proposal, will stop to the FCC grants.

The FCC will now broadband is defined as a minor regulatory information service. But in April, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Court of appeal judgment this definition does not give the FCC enough authority to enforce the provisions of the so-called "net neutrality". The provisions prohibit broadband service providers to roaming in their network traffic to be discriminated against.

upporters of the "net neutrality" said such a provision is necessary, helping to prevent the phone and cable companies to prevent or reduce the network telephone service, Internet video or other competing with the company's core business other applications.

The appeal court decision sources on Comcast's appeal. In 2008, the FCC issued a directive requests the cable company to stop user login online file sharing service, Comcast and other broadband providers adhere to think they need flexible to manage their own network, and should ensure that some application software not swallowed up by large amount of bandwidth.

Genachowski said he proposed regulatory framework will be the broadband connection is defined as a telecommunications service, thereby stable will be placed in a FCC regulation in. At the same time he promised, for broadband service provider implementation of Telecommunications Regulations. He also stressed his method is not for the Internet content and services exert regulatory.