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Application for MET certification matters

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 700Time: 2016-04-18SMB

In the inquiry stage, the customer shall provide the following materials as far as possible in order to quickly deal with the.
1) Schematic Circuit electrical schematic diagram, wiring diagram of the circuit board
2) Diagram Construction product structure diagram, internal diagram
3) Manual Product product manual, there are pictures better
4) BOM product key parts list

In the opening phase, the customer should provide the following materials as far as possible so that the project can be carried out smoothly.
1) the specific description of products: product name, type, parameter, nameplate, use
2) the specific electrical diagram, wiring diagram of the circuit board
3) products with various signs, labels, warnings
4) complete product manual, including the description of the main function of the product, user guide, important tips, etc.
5) critical part list and parts of the certification certificate. If the product parts including (but not limited to) transformer, filter module, converter, motor, etc., the customer needs at the same time, according to met the requirements provide the parts of the detailed specifications
6) if additional parts are required in the test, the customer shall supply spare parts in accordance with the requirements of MET, generally referring to the transformer, fuse, whole bridge diode, power FET, etc.

Product certification applicants (APPLICANT) need to pay attention to other matters:
Use met mark must after met authorization and periodic monitoring. Applicants need to urge the manufacturers completed a "contract manufacturer" (which open and pass sent to the met, and to allow the auditor in the normal working hours freedom without any restriction to enter system's workshop to make use of the supervision work of met mark.
MET will make an appointment for the first time for the first time, as well as the follow-up of non reservation tracking inspection. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that their manufacturers comply with all the requirements of the manufacturer contract.

Factory inspection fee:

Must be a year of manufacturers and the annual examination fee in advance to arrange inspection. Specific costs please reference quotations. Generally speaking fees paid by the applicant. To maintain certification certificate must be in December 31, pay the advance payment.

Applicant is responsible for to the met to buy the label or buy Printing direct authorization. Direct printing methods permit the applicant or applicants approved manufacturers directly on the product identity card or a logo on the label printed after approved by the met met mark. Directly met mark applicants will should be met in the use of its products signs before, to met the company submitted a met mark the end use tags or tag pattern for evaluation.

Applicants will be required to supply, a deep understanding of the met label in use until the product is property belonging to the met. Applicants are required to understand and agree to met allowed manufacturers designated by the applicant custody label is a product in the met authorized use labels convenient. If the relevant provisions of the applicant is in breach of contract, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate the influence has caused, met received notice must immediately return all unused labels and label all use of statistical records and stop using met logo on the products.

Met marks or relevant met quoting use absolutely can not be used in the unqualified products, packaging, or written materials. If met marks are used in non licensed product, the applicant and the manufacturer must save, compensation and eliminate met the company and any unauthorized behavior caused the claims and related responsibilities.

Met marks or relevant met quoted permitted in met marked products promotion material, advertising, packaging, as long as there is no mark way does not correct for the situation and (or) is inconsistent with the contract can be. A final ruling sign is suitable for use by the met decided and will be informed of the results the applicant and manufacturer.MET retain basic descriptive information disclosed to a third party products include, but are not limited to: manufacturer name, product model and product shapes.

When the requirements of the product standards are changed to ensure that the product has been certified to continue to meet the new requirements, the need for documentation review. The cost of the review is generally borne by the applicant.

Applicant shall comply with product certification report and the applicant's contract (the applicant) on liability met marks the use requirements. The applicant must ensure that the met marks only the qualified product. If the applicant is in breach of the requirements of the contract and in met received does not conform to the written notice of ten working days (or met inspection agency in the specified time range within, the less) did not correct any non conformance, met according to discretion can immediately terminate the contract and cancellation of the contract granted to the applicant of all authorized. Once received met the formal requirements, the applicant must immediately stop in the met the unqualified products use met marks.

MET does not assume any responsibility for the applicant or related party that is caused by the sale or use of the product.