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UL certification mark classification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 578Time: 2016-04-18SMB

Type UL certification are: UL product certification, testing service types can be divided into names, recognition and classification.

1) Column names (LISTED):
Generally speaking listed only for complete products and qualified staff at the scene for replace or install a variety of devices and device, belongs to the UL listing services a wide variety of products including: home appliances, medical equipment, computer, business equipment and in buildings in the role of various types of electrical products, such as power distribution system, fuses, wires, switches and other electrical components such as. By UL Listed Products can usually be in each product superscript UL listing mark. Listing mark of usage.

2) A cknowledged (recognized):
Accreditation Service is UL service in a project, to identify the products only in the UL listing, grade or other approved products as components, use of raw materials. Approved products in the structure is not complete, or in use have certain restrictions in order to achieve the expected safety performance. In most cases, the endorsed product tracking service belong to R. Belonging to the class L products approved electronic line (AVLV2), wire processing (ZKLU2) and harness (ZPFW2), aluminum (DVVR2) and the metal flexible pipe DXUZ2. Product approval requirement with approval marks.

3) Classification (Classification):
classification service only to evaluate the specific hazards of products, or other standard except for the implementation of UL standard (including the internationally recognized standards, such as IEC and ISO standards) to evaluate products. Most grade products are not consumers use the product, but the industrial classification mark or commercial use products of.UL marks in the show that the products are restrictions and regulations in a certain range of identification by UL. For example, the industrial use of such chemical solvents, only to evaluate the possible occurrence of achieving the ignition temperature of the fire. The range of certain products and grading services listed the same service, but generally only on a certain product or certain aspects of evaluation, such as in the United States, medical X ray diagnosis instrument of this kind of equipment to comply with the national laws of the United States and the emission of radiation and beam Flow accuracy is specified, but because X only UL rays as a grade product, it is only evaluated on its mechanical properties, electrical properties and other non radiative properties of these areas.

4) Multiple listing, multiple recognition or multiple classification service:
when a UL applicants in made the column names, recognition or classification service, its products to production on behalf of another company to meet sales need, can apply for multiple listing, multiple recognition or multi class services, in this case, gets the column name, recognition or classification of manufacturers allowed use another list of products in the company's name, but the products in addition to the company's code, product code or UL think can accept other features must be the original listing, recognition or classification products consistent.

5) "Al" column names, recognition or classification service:
if UL applicants do not want to use the name of your company has been listed, recognition or classification service, he can apply with another firm (usually a retailer or wholesaler) name for the column names, recognition or classification, which is called "Al" column names, recognition or classification service. With the multiple listing, the difference between multiple recognition or multiple classification service is the applicant is not a list of celebrities.