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UL certification process |UL certification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 696Time: 2016-04-18SMB

UL certification process:
1, the applicant UL certification application form, application form, product manual and technical documents by fax or mail to us.
2, the applicant shall provide technical documents including:
A, the product manual.
B, security design documents (including the key structure, which can reflect the climbing distance gap, Shen, insulation layers and the thickness of the design)
C, the product specification (or standard).
D products, electrical principle diagram.
E, product roadmap.
F, key components and raw materials list (please use the UL certification mark of the product).
G, or the safety components / raw material certification copy.
H, description / information about - a clear product name and intended use, including types of, appropriate series description and list. If an application for different models of the same product, detailed description of other types and specify the similarities and differences of the prototype, which helps to reduce the test time and reduce test cost.
3, according to the applicant to provide information (English) (such as CUL for signs, please also specify), UL will determine the appropriate testing standards and price (excluding factory inspection fees for the first time).
4, if you accept the offer, then sign back quotations.
5, UL issued a formal agreement (Agreements).
6, carefully read and sign the application form and tracking service agreement, and according to the requirements of the test fee (Mei Jin) and the test or agent fee (RMB). According to the requirements of the sample sent to the designated laboratory.
7, for product testing, such as the product does not meet the requirements, UL certification body will notify the applicant, that does not meet the requirements, the applicant needs to decide whether to change or re send samples.
8, we hope that customers will be able to buy the UL standard, so that you can understand the requirements of UL certification bodies.
9, after passing the product test, UL certification authority inspection department will visit the factory to determine whether the production is in compliance with the requirements of the program (IPI).IPI through, the applicant will be able to ship the product with UL logo.
10 UL certification and inspection department will regularly visit to help your company's products listed continue to comply with UL safety requirements. Need to pay: factory inspection fees and certificate maintenance fee.
11, note: components / raw materials - please provide your product safety components list or material sheet, containing the name of the manufacturer, model specifications, or his ratings, and whether to obtain the UL recognition or column names. We provide a blank components / raw materials list for your reference.