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A-tick certification requirements for mobile phones

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 611Time: 2016-04-18SMB

A-tick requirements for mobile phones, including the following:
Telecommunications security - AS/NZS60950.1 (accredited only for the RTA accredited laboratory report, but not in the RTA accreditation laboratory directory) SGS
-AS/NZS CISPR EMI 22 or EN301489-1
-AS2771 SAR (EN50360, SAR's CE report has been met, there is no need for additional testing, need to be part of the body)
EN300328 - RF (for Bluetooth function)
Telecommunications performance EN301908; -EN301511
Australia GSM requirements - S042.1 AS/ACIF

Generally we do A-TICK, first for CE certification, RFEMCSAFYSAR four parts. Then the prototype and report sent to the Australian certification audit and filling (RF and safety), a A-tick statutory agency (supply) code, if customers have requested, not to apply for.

The documents required to be submitted by the mobile phone A-tick include the following:
(1) application form (see Annex);
2) illustrate the differences and report of the original type (modifications required);
3) EN60950 test report;
4) EN301489 test report;
5) 3GPP test report;
6) EN301511 report;
7) SAR test report;
8) instructions in english;
9) manufacturer IMEI statement.