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What is C-TICK/A-TICK certification? Which products need C-tick logo

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 634Time: 2016-04-18SMB

What is C-TICK/A-TICK certification?
A: C-tick logo is a show that the electrical and electronic products in accordance with the relevant standards of electromagnetic interference in Australia and management regulations, A-TICK said that the product meets the requirements of the Australian low pressure safety.
Using sign C-tick on the product usually next to a supplier code (SCN) label. If the supplier is in New Zealand, in front of the supplier code together with the letter Z, if the supplier is in Australia, in front of the supplier code together with the letter N to show distinction (see marking requirements).

Which products need C-tick logo?
Answer: it should be said that all of the electrical and electronic products, whether it is locally produced, or imported, should meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and the standard C-tick logo, the typical needs of C-tick products are as follows:

Kitchen appliances (including power supply and rechargeable)
food mixer
Cake proportioning device
Coffee grinding machine
Electric tool
Microwave Oven

The domestic electronic entertainment equipment
television receiver
Video recorder
CD, DVD player and recorder

home appliances
Vacuum cleaner
energy saving light
Clock radio
Electric sewing machine
Electric tool
Electric mower and hedge trimmer
Electric chain saw

Home personal computer
PC machine and computer notebook
Keyboard, mouse
VDU, display
Non professional use, there is a radio emission function products must be marked with c-tick, regulations, management and user code.

The typical radio emission products required to mark the above are as follows:
Baby monitor
Indoor alarm system
Cordless telephone
CB radio
Garage door control device
W-LAN products
Ship radio
Portable radio
Wireless microphone
Emergency marker lamp

Radio spectrum is a very valuable economic and social resources, protect the resources from pollution is very important. Therefore, the Australian spectrum management organization (RSM) according to Australian radiocommunications regulation (1998) on radio products electromagnetic compatible with the regulations.