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Electrical and electronic products must be in compliance with the requirements of C-tick

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 632Time: 2016-04-18SMB

From the beginning of 1997, the vast majority of electrical and electronic products must meet the EMC framework of EMC documents, the purpose is to reduce the radiation of electrical products and electrical products to ensure that the design will not be disturbed by electromagnetic radiation. The implementation of system requirements: according to CISPR file based on the criteria established by testing or file structure technology, allowing production business / importer self declaration and mark C-tick mark in the product to indicate compliance. All importers and manufacturers must register in the Australian Communications and media authority ACMA, to use the C-tick tag, the tag must be identified in the product.C-tick tag includes a number of suppliers, to clearly show the origin of products, easy to be responsible for the audit of.ACMA random audit, if found inconsistent with, a fine of up to $thirty-one thousand.