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General provisions of C-TICK certification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 830Time: 2016-04-18SMB

General provisions of C-TICK certification:

Is substantially similar in EMC EMC / EMI. In Australia, the control architecture and Champions League CE-Marking are produced self certification: according to the implementation of product standards and after passing the test, signed a self declaration can be. The difference is declaration must be from Australia importers or supplier or manufacturer signed declaration; the other Australian Government requires every Australian local supplier or importer must be to the execution units ACA login.

2 all electrical and electronic products are in the range of tube column, CE. Similar provisions of the Europa League.

3 Supplier application C-tick login, you do not need to hold a test report, in principle, testing and C-tick login can be parallel.

4. 符合EMC 规定之产品在销售之前必需贴上正碓的标签:C-tick mark & Supplier ID ; Supplier ID标示方法有四种, 任选一种即可:
a) Supplier Code Number issued by the ACA;
b) Australian Company Number (ACN);
c) Registered Name and Address of Supplier;
d) Australian Registered Trademark。
标签可依比例放大或缩小以肉眼看的清楚为原则; 但Supplier ID的字体则不可小于3mm. 标示位置最好同机种卷标, 如果空间不够, 才可考虑放在manual、保证书或包装盒上。

5 if a product is the same as C-tick and security controls, you can apply for the RCM logo.
RCM in New York, Macao shared a voluntary trademark, as long as to a country for authentication can be marketing two countries; login is required for the territory of New Zealand and the manufacturer or the importer or agent, respectively according to the as / NZS 4417.1 and as / NZS 4417.3 to Standards Australia and ACMA mechanism login reported by.

6 once the ACMA requirements to view the TCF, the agency shall be served within 10 working days ACMA.


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