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SAA certification in the form of recognition, SAA certification standards

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In the scope of the SAA certification, the current Chinese producers application SAA certification mainly limited to product certification this. Product certification according to the kinds of products of different, mainly by two ways: "type approval" and "standards". The "formal recognition only requires producers to provide product samples, based on the SAA product standards for laboratory detection. And the standard mark" in addition to the detection of the samples, but also requires a factory inspection of the factory. General requirements for factory in to apply for certification of products in the production process with the effective operation of the quality management system.

SAA certification body - the Australian certification authority
There are a total of 8 certification bodies in Australia (including New Zealand)
Of Fair Trading Department, New South Wales, South Wales New
Of Mines Department Energy and, Lanzhou, Queensland, Queensland
Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector The, Vitoria, Victoria
South Australian of Energy Policy South, Australia Office
Of Energy Office, Western Australia, Australia Western
Of Electricity Office, Tasmania Standards, and Safety, Tasmania
TCA Australian testing and Certification Institute Testing