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Austrian SAA certification

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Australia SAA certification, SAA certification mark

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Certification content summary
Australian standards bodies for StandardsAssociationofAustralian, actually SAA just standard formulation mechanism, and are not issued product certification.SAA later renamed: independent company is StandardsAustraliaLimited.SAA, has no direct relationship with the government, but the federal government and the States is its members.

Australia SAA certification introduction
Australian standards beginning with "as", Australia and New Zealand in combination with standard at the beginning of the as / NZS. Australian and New Zealand Standard basic and IEC, and some national differences. Australian and New Zealand implementation of mutual recognition of harmonization of standards and certification, as long as the products have a national certification can sold in another country.

Certification / supervisory authority:
Australia is a federal state, electrical safety and power consumption requirements of authentication, control and management by the state or territory of the monitoring department (RegulatoryAuthority) in accordance with the state / region of certification procedures for. The certificate issued by any state in the other state / regional equally effective without any additional procedures. In addition, SAA standard setting bodies, a wholly owned subsidiary of QAS QualityAssuranceServicesPtyLtd. is Australia NCB (NationalCertificationBody) and issue the certificate to the recognition of the state or territory, with equal effectiveness.

Product safety certification
Australia does not have a unified safety certification mark, each state or territory has in the form of legislation provides the management method of electrical products. Though it doesn't have the same name and the promulgation date, state or territory legislation on electrical safety contents are basically the same. Electrical products division to control electrical (prescribedproduct) and control products (Non-prescribedproduct).
1, the control type of electrical products according to the division of AS/NZS4417.2, including electrothermal equipment, refrigeration equipment, electric tools, spare parts and so on. Catalog published in the Government Gazette, and according to the actual situation increased. Queensland, NSW and Victoria, in the process of authentication most active. In Queensland, for example, electricity law (theelectricityAct1994) announced electrical certification, sales and use of detailed provisions.

1, control of electrical appliances:
Electrical control forced to get issued by the departments to monitor the accreditation certificate certificateofapproval), and provides identification (must play the Shanghai ISBN). Attention should be paid to the certification program only for security and non performance or quality, unless associated with safety. Certificate number the first letter of the display the certificate issued by the state or region where. Such as:
Q91610 (Queensland)
W2015 (Western Australia Australia)
NSW10422 (New South Wales, New South Wales) was N number
SAI:TE4215 (South Wales New New South Wales)
V05197 (Victoria Vitoria)
S442 (Australia South Nan'ao)
A050 (Capital Territory Australian)
T05123 (Tasmania Tasmania)

2, non regulated electrical appliances:
Non regulated products, while not mandatory to obtain certification, but its security by the vendor / manufacturer responsible can apply for voluntary certification. Monitoring department will meet the requirements of the standard products awarded with certificate (certificate of suitability). Made in conformity with the certificate of electrical products can play the Shanghai ISBN, the certificate at the end of the letter shows the certificate issued by the state or region where, such as:
CS/431/Q (Queensland)
CS/108/N (New South Wales)