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Australian certification requirements for |C-Tick EMC mark |EMC standard

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 650Time: 2016-04-18SMB

In Australia, the EMC of electrical products required by ACMA (Australian Communications and media authority monitoring. Using the standard in addition to the Australian and New Zealand Standard (as / NZS), ACMA also admits the 103 other standards. These standards include en (European norm) and IEC (International Electrotechical Commission and CISPR International Special Committee on radio interference).

In electromagnetic interference in order to limit the influence of Australia from 1999 January 1 onwards, all the standard range of products subject to electromagnetic interference (EMI) mandatory requirements. Part of the EMC experiment projects must also be annexed the mandatory requirements, they are: conduction interference, intermittent interference (Ka Li sound), radio frequency radiation interference; other EMC test items are not mandatory requirements, such as anti interference, electrostatic discharge (ESD), harmonics, voltage flicker. Products by inspection in accordance with the relevant standards, you can paste c-tick mark. Any company or individual to use this flag must be to the government departments to apply to obtain written approval before use, and mark the height of not less than 3 mm.

C-Tick mark next to the provisions of the provisions of the Australian supplier of information, so that ACA in the market when sampling products can be effectively traced back to the supplier responsible for the product EMC, the information identification includes four aspects of the content:
1, Australian suppliers in the registered name and address;
2, the Australian Corporation registration number (Company Number Australian);
3, issued by the ACMA to the number of Australian suppliers;
4, the product in the Australian market, the use of the registered trademark of Australia.

Australia's EMC system of product is divided into three levels, the supplier in the sales level two, level three products, must be registered in ACMA, for the use of the C-Tick mark.

Grade a products refers to the use of wireless spectrum interference devices and low radiation products, such as manual switch, relay simple, one-way squirrel cage induction motor, resistance. On the level of product, the supplier must signed a declaration of conformity and provide product descriptions. Grade a products can apply for voluntary c-tick mark, but the supplier in the choice of use the logo, in the with statement and description of the book at the same time, but also to provide records of compliance with, to prove that the products described in the statement has meet the requirements of the relevant EMC standards. Test site is not required, allowing internal testing.

Level 2 products is refers to the use of wireless spectrum equipment interference radiation higher products, such as switching power supply, electric welder, dimmer, the majority of household electrical appliances and so on. Supplier except must sign a declaration of conformity and provide product description of the book, but also to provide test report according to the relevant standards, if there is no relevant standards, you need to provide the technical construction file and test place is not required, allowing internal testing.

Level refers to the product on the use of wireless spectrum equipment interference radiation high products that cover CIPR11 cispr22 products. Currently, communication terminal products still contained within this range, but from November 7, 2003, terminal products will is divided into Level 2 products. Supplier except must sign a declaration of conformity and provide product description of the book, but also to provide test reports issued by a recognized testing agencies. It was also issued by the QMS certification issued by the quality management system certificate.

Due to ACMA for c-tick mark applicants only registered companies in Australia or New Zealand. Therefore, Chinese enterprises can be by buyers in Australia or New Zealand or in Australia and New Zealand have branches / partner certification institution for, for example, in Queensland, Australia, Department of industrial relations can be according to the German Rhine t u V test report issued safety certification and energy efficiency labeling certificate. The certificate in the New Zealand market.