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Introduction of California energy efficiency CEC certification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 1782Time: 2016-04-18SMB

CEC certification is by the California Energy Commission, the California Energy Commission) on December 30, 2005 on the implementation of the law of the Appliance Efficiency Regulations (appliance efficiency regulation. The purpose of the implementation of the regulations is to improve the efficiency of electric products, saving energy, reducing emissions and greenhouse effect.

With more and more electronic products in daily life, "energy saving" will become an urgent problem facing all people in the 21st century. The California Energy Commission, the California Energy Commission, CEC) is in July 2006 1, for AC to DC and AC external power supply should be for energy efficiency in the use of the implementation of mandatory standards for new, then, almost all electronic products will hit.

This standard will cover all use the external power supply (such as charger and adapter) products, including mobile phones, cordless telephones, portable music players, palm game machine, toys and asked these products in use and the standby state to more efficient use of energy.

This means that in 2006, after all the use of the United States, as well as to be exported to the United States transformer, external power supplies, adapters, chargers have to change the design.

In addition to save energy, the new norms of CEC will also in environmental protection produced great influence. According to the company's statistics, if all California's external power supply device can follow the new standard, the state each year will be able to reduce more than 360000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, this number is in 60000 cars of every year the amount of radiation.

The regulations and electrical products in the sales of California must first meet the equipment energy efficiency regulations and the regulations for 58 type of electrical products provides energy efficiency index, measurement methods and phased implementation plan. In accordance with the requirements of the regulations, the electrical products must be by a qualified laboratory according to the relevant regulations or standards were detected that meet the requirements before they can be in the sales of California.

CEC is a mandatory application for certification in the United States of California.

Related control products such as power supply to California domestic sales in the United States, it is necessary to make CEC certification before 2006.7.1. If they fail to meet the appliance efficiency regulation new specification requirements for device, shall be prohibited sold in California.