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CSA certification program, CSA certification agent

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 603Time: 2016-04-18SMB

CSA certification program

At present, CSA international can provide a variety of product testing and certification services locally in China.

Localization testing and certification will be for you to provide CSA consistent professional testing and certification services, but also to provide more convenience.

Localized testing helps you save time: compared to the products sent to foreign certification and localization service is more convenient. You can and local Toby Certified Expert cooperation, they use the local language, help you to master the certification process to ensure your products comply with relevant standards. Also help to speed up the certification process, means you can faster product with the CSA mark, fast products onto the market.

1, complete the preliminary application form, together with all the relevant products (including all electrical components and plastic materials) and technical data and technical data to be delivered to the International. CSA

2, International CSA will determine the cost of certification according to the specific circumstances of the product, and then fax to notify the applicant company.

3, after the confirmation of the applicant company, will be sent to the formal application form and notice, the Notice includes the following requirements:
(1) after the formal application form is signed, the transfer fee (RMB) may be paid to the office.
(2) according to the notification to the designated location of the test sample.

4, the designated laboratory will be in accordance with the certification work.

5, after the certification test is completed, will be issued to the applicant company a preliminary report (Letter Findings), detailed as follows:
(1) how to improve the product structure to meet the standards.
(2) other information to be used to complete the certification report.
(3) please review the contents of the draft Record Certification ()
(4) CSA certification marks required and getting mark method.
(5) the factory test (Tests Factory) required by the product.

6, International CSA will applicant company to answer these fifth items to be assessed.

7, at the same time, International CSA will be prepared as a product for the production of reference and follow-up inspection with the certification report (Report Certification).

8, to this stage, in some cases, International CSA to the factory for the initial assessment of the plant (Factory Evaluation Initial), referred to as IFE.

9, the final International CSA will be together with the certification record (Record Certification) issued a certificate of qualification (of Compliance Certification) authorized applicant company in its products with CSA certification mark.

10, for the company to CSA international signed a service agreement (service, agreement) to express the two sides agreed to CSA international to the factory to make the product tracking test. Applicant needs every year to pay an annual fee, annual fee) to maintain the agreement.

Toby laboratory is a CSA approved laboratory, you need only tested in our laboratory, which can shorten certification cycle, and can solve the problems appear in the test. So to look for the CSA certification agency, Toby is most suitable.

CSA certification of products can be more rapid and economic, the following tips can be used for your reference:
In the product design stage we need to understand the standard.

Use International CSA certified accessories in the product.

Clearly indicate the same and difference between the certification model and various models.
Identify the characteristics of the product.

Provide a complete tally of the data sheet and the instruction manual for the test samples.

Clear goals and avoid spending more money and time on changing the scope of the application.

A timely response to our preliminary report. We hope to complete your certification as soon as possible, your reply is very important.
At any stage of the problem, you can contact us. We will clarify the requirements of the relevant standards, to promote the product through the test.