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What is the ocean bill of lading?

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 717Time: 2016-04-15SMB

What is the ocean bill of lading?
Ocean bill of lading refers to the establishment of a certificate of carriage by sea. The carrier has taken over the goods or documents that have been shipped and delivered at destination.

1、nature and role:
1 is the carrier or its agents to the shipper of the carrier's receipt of the goods.
The 2 is that the transport contract between the carrier and the shipper, is also the main basis for the treatment of supporting the rights and obligations of both parties.
3 is the certificate of ownership of goods.


1 according to whether the goods shipment classification:
A. on board bill of lading: with the invoice after shipment receipt issued by the chief officer.
B.: Bill of lading is by the shipper to the carrier for the dock receipt. Must not be negotiated in L/C. After shipment by the shipping company filling
The date of the ship's name has been shipped on board B / L.

2 classification by means of transport:
A. direct bill of lading.
B. bill of lading transshipment.
C. through bill of lading.

3 according to the bill of lading header (consignee) classification:
A. bill of lading.
B. bearer bill of lading: written in the consignee column 'bearer'TOBEAYER' without endorsement.
C. instructions to the bill of lading: written in the consignee column 'with instructions TOORDER______', is the most commonly used:
(1) to order the bill of lading: TOORDEROFHIPPER/CONSIGNER/BANK (shipper / consignee / bank)
(2) the bill of lading not named: TOORDER.
This made out to order, blank endorsed. Blank endorsed "bill of lading: bills of lading to order a. Positive write toorder sign the back transfer of names. Is a kind of widely used in business.

4 have no comment classification:
A. clean bill of lading (CLEARB/L)
B. unclean bill of lading: (UNCLEARB/L) a bill of lading indicating a bad loss of the goods or packaging unless otherwise authorized by the buyer.

5 according to the bill of lading format classification:
A. simple bill of lading: no back terms.
B. full bill of lading: on the back with the terms of the contract.