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CCC certification process

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 639Time: 2016-04-15SMB

TOBY testing and certification body CCC certification process:

1, the signing of the contract, the payment of my 70% agency fees and preliminary application information (the application form, the applicant, the manufacturer's business license and organization code certificate).

2, the Beijing CQC online to submit the application materials, pending approval to obtain the application number: 2 working days

3, send the sample to the laboratory for testing, until the test report: about 25 working days, (to send the sample to advance the national laboratory testing fees, the specific amount of the laboratory fees charged to the notice)

Products in the CCC certification testing, while the need to provide the relevant information
(1) the trademark registration certificate (if it is required to apply for information)
(2) the trademark license (if the applicant is not the manufacturer of the application in this application, you need a trademark license)
(3) the product nameplate (if it is a temporary nameplate, please be in PDF format, and provide product nameplate a courier to my secretary)
(4) circuit schematic and LAYOUT PCB
(5) list of key safety components (WORD file format)
(6) list of key electromagnetic compatibility (WORD file format)
(7) the differences between the various models of the same application unit
(8) factory audit questionnaire

4, after the completion of the test, the settlement of the laboratory form of experimental fee (form of experimental fees, is the national testing laboratories out of the receipt of the notice of the payment by the enterprise directly to the national account).

5, test report sent to Beijing CQC audit, through the audit issued factory inspection notice to the CQC centers for seven working days; to contact the national factory inspection engineer to factory inspection: about 5 working days (when according to the actual time of factory inspection engineer arrangement)
Factory trial before the payment of the application fee, certificate fee, factory audit fees (by the enterprise directly to the CQC)

6, formal factory inspection for 1 days. (factory inspection before I Division Engineer to the factory to do the factory inspection data, factory inspection necessary, I Division Engineer jury)

7, the qualified factory inspection report sent to Beijing CQC:3 working days, waiting for the Beijing CQC certification authority issued CCC certificate 7 working days (report audit period must settle the relevant costs of CQC)

8, the enterprise to obtain CCC certification number after payment of 30% agency fees, the cost of the settlement after the Division I will be the original certificate to your company.

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