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CCC certification before the information provided in the list

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 845Time: 2016-04-15SMB

The first application or relevant information to change the document required to provide
Application for compulsory product certification;
A copy of the applicant's legal person business license or a copy of the registration certificate (for initial application or change);
The organization chart of the production plant (provided for initial application or change);
Process flow chart for the application for certification of products (provide for initial application or change);
List of key equipment (see Certification Implementation Rules factory quality control testing requirements) list (for initial application or change);
Product assembly drawing, electrical schematic diagram;
Apply for the certification of products Chinese nameplate and warning signs (two copies);
To apply for the certification of Chinese products;
The difference between each type of product in the same application unit;
All models of the same application unit (two copies);
Other relevant information as required (if any CB test report) is required.

Documents required to provide the same product again
1 application for compulsory product certification;
2, the product assembly diagram, electrical schematic;
3, apply for certification of products Chinese nameplate and warning signs (two copies);
4, apply for the certification of Chinese products;
5, the difference between the different types of products within the same application unit;
6, the same application unit of the various models of product appearance photos (in two copies);
7, other relevant information as required (if provided in the CB test report).
3C mandatory certification of product testing to provide a list of documents

The following information should be provided when the product is detected:
Send sample registration form;
CCC application details;
Product specification;
Product specification;
Product maintenance manual;
Product circuit diagram (including schematic diagram and printed circuit layout);
The difference between the main product and the cover type in the same application unit;
Detail table of the key components of the product and safety and the main parts of the electromagnetic compatibility;
Copies of product key safety component certification;
Product CB test certificate and report (if any);
Product trademark use authorization (if any);