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The way to apply for CCC Tags

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 788Time: 2016-04-15SMB

CCC standard methods of applying paste are as follows:

CCC label to buy is generally the CCC certificate holders to apply for, also have CCC certificate holders commissioned authorized other enterprises for CCC label affixed to the application. Application of CCC certification mark must first download a buy mark application, complete cover the official seal of the enterprise together with the effectiveness of CCC certification will be able to handle to apply for CCC label to buy.

1. If the application mail order CCC label (the standard CCC logo) needs to hold for the buy mark CCC certification or clear copy of the CCC certification and CCC certification shall be valid state CCC label (the standard CCC logo) mail application.

2.CCC label affixed to the corresponding certificate shall be effective state party mail order, if CCC certificate has been suspended, revocation, invalid temporarily unable to apply for mail order CCC label (the standard CCC logo) (query CCC certificate validity).

3. The applicant must for enterprises to apply for full or CCC certificate holders and non personal, with reference to the CCC certification. Such as non certificate applicants apply for mail order CCC label (the standard CCC logo), provide CCC certificate applicants granted power of attorney of the party can apply for mail order CCC label (the standard CCC logo).

4.CCC label type S, EMC, S