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Procedures for filing applications for CCC marks

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 783Time: 2016-04-15SMB

China Quality Certification Center can be accepted for the record include: CQC and the signs of series, energy-saving mark, water-saving marks, signs of environmental protection, environmental labeling quality, ecological textile product safety signs, agricultural food logo, gap level signs, gap secondary signs, organic logo signs, conversion to organic photovoltaic sign.

The detailed steps for the filing of CCC mark:

Step 1: consulting related signs management approach and guide, refer to the legend related marks, query relevant implementation rules (www.cqc.com.cn website home page - "certification scope and Certification Rules") and understanding can use the logo style.

Step 2: in www.cqc.com.cn web site home page - the CQC logo bid section to download "mark for the record application form", fill out itemized complete, stamped with the seal certificate applicants. The certificate if the application amount is greater than or equal to 5, please attach a separate sheet "the certificate number list. On the other, mark for the record application form need to fill in the direct contact of the contact. Agency staff after the Commission issued units stamped with the official seal of the proof of authorization to leave the agency staff contact information in the application form.

Step 3: in the symbol legend, download related markers, use the computer to make the overall effect diagram (single attached drawings of A4 size), different certificate, use the same way, submitted a design chart can be, all certificates, subject to the same design drawing above.

Step 4: a copy of this application and the corresponding Chinese certificate.

Step 5 : the second step, the third step, the fourth step in preparing the third mail to Beijing City, South City of Victoria Road 188 9 Area Comprehensive Department Yun Jiao Li (received) zip code: 100070, China Tel: 010-83886129.
CQC Certification Center will be after receive your information on your data verification, data record if there is any problem, we will call you to apply table leave contact telephone number, and fill in the table in the contacts and communication to solve. Application form must leave contact contacts, to avoid unable to obtain contact delays. After passing the verification of information, we will in two working days send premium notice to your table to fill in the fax machine, please note that check.

Step 6: according to charging notice amount, account information and other remittances. Keep the bank issued the remittance receipt and fax return receipt to 010-83886329, paragraph of account.
CQC Certification Center in receipt of your remittance receipt will be on every Tuesday, Thursday morning 10:00-11:00 around to my center of the Ministry of Finance query your payment to the account, has been credited into account the will in the financial department shall issue invoice, two working days of the invoice and the sign mailed to you apply book leave the address (split shipment notice invoice).
Warm tip: Please fill in the direct contact of the contact and business license address and contact legal way to fill in a contact name and address (and not to), in order to avoid not received invoice marks or unable to get in touch with you. Agency staff, after the Commission issued units stamped with the official seal of the authorized to certify, leave the agency staff contact information in the application form.

Step 7: check the express and in accordance with the , style in the book with the approval of the approval for correct use of CQC all kinds of signs.