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Overview of CCC certification |3C certification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 992Time: 2016-04-15SMB

An overview of CCC certification

The so-called 3C certification, is China's compulsory product certification system, the English name ChinaCompulsoryCertification, English abbreviation CCC certification.

The full name of the 3C certification mandatory product certification system ", it is the governments for the protection of consumer personal safety and national security, to strengthen the management of product quality, in accordance with the laws and regulations for the implementation of a kind of product conformity assessment system.

The Chinese government to honor WTO commitments, in 2001 December 3, announced a mandatory product certification system, from May 1, 2002, national certification and accreditation began to accept the inclusion of mandatory product catalog of 23 categories of 172 kinds of product certification application.

It is the Chinese government according to the WTO agreements and the international prevailing rules, for the protection of the consumer and animal and plant life safety, environmental protection, protect national security, in accordance with the laws and regulations for the implementation of a product conformity assessment system. Main features is: published national unified directory, establish unified applicable national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, formulate a unified logo, uniform provisions concerning the charges. Where included in the mandatory product certification directory products must qualified by the state designated certification body certification, certificate and applied the certification mark, before leaving the factory, import, sales and operating in the service places use.

China National Supervision and inspection and quarantine and the national attestation approves supervisory management committee on 3 December 2001 released < mandatory product certification management regulations >, implementation of the "unified directory, uniform standards and assessment procedures, unified logo and uniform fees" compulsory certification management of listed in the catalog of 19 categories of 132 kinds of products. The original "CCIB certification" and the "Great Wall CCEE certification" unified "China Compulsory Certification" (English name chinacompulsorycertification), the English abbreviation for "CCC", so it is also referred to as the "3C certification".

In 2003 "3C certification" from May 1, (later postponed to August 1st) full implementation, the original product safety certification and import safety quality license system earlier abolished. At present has announced the mandatory product certification system has < mandatory product certification management regulations >, < mandatory product certification mark management approach >, < first batch to carry out mandatory product certification catalog > and < to implement mandatory product certification related issues notice.

The first included in the mandatory certification directory products include wire and cable, switch, low-voltage electrical appliances, electric tools, household appliances, audio and video equipment, information equipment, telecommunication terminal, motor vehicles, medical equipment, security equipment and so on.