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China energy conservation certification product range

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 642Time: 2016-04-15SMB

China energy-saving product certification marks of ownership belongs to the China Committee for certification of energy conservation product, use rights owned by China Certification Center for energy. Where the theft, fraudulent use and making the logo without permission, will be according to the law of energy conservation of the people's Republic of China > hold the legal responsibility of the parties. China energy-saving product certification are as follows:

701001 computer
701002 single output AC - DC and AC - AC external power supply
701003 micro computer switching power supply
701004 fax machines
701005 printers
701006 digital multifunctional office equipment
701007 copying machines
701008 displays
701009 scanner
701010 servers
701033 road lighting system
701101 cable tray
701103 electric power fittings
701104 low voltage power distribution electrical appliances
701106 UPS power
701107 fan and pump load frequency control energy-saving device
701201 volume air compressor
701203 fan
701202 medium and small three phase asynchronous motor
701204 water centrifugal pump
701205 three phase distribution transformer
701206 computer controlled high speed sewing machine
701207 dense insulated bus duct
701209 power sockets and converters
701210 phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
701211 oil immersed power transformer
701212 AC contactor
701213 small power motors
701301 household microwave ovens
701302 water storage type electric water heater
701303 household automatic rice cooker
701304 household electromagnetic oven
701305 unit type air conditioner
701306 cold water unit
701307 LiBr absorption chiller
701308 drinking fountains
701309 multi link air conditioning (heat pump) unit
701310 water source heat pump unit
701311 color TV broadcast receiver
701313 household refrigerators
701314 room air conditioner
701315 household gas fast water heater and gas heating water heater
701316 speed controllable room air conditioner
Refrigeration compressor for 701317 air conditioners
701318 air source heat pump water heaters for commercial or industrial use and similar applications
701319 AC fan energy saving products
Unit type air conditioner for computer and data processing computer room 701320
701321 flat TV
701322 digital TV receivers (set top box)
701323 commercial water heaters
701324 commercial electromagnetic oven
701401 ordinary lighting with self ballast fluorescent lamp
701402 double ended fluorescent lamps for general lighting
701403 single ended fluorescent lamp
701404 high pressure sodium lamp
701405 metal halide lamp
701406 tube type fluorescent lamp ballast
701407 high pressure sodium lamp ballast
701408 ballast for metal halide lamps
701409 LED road / tunnel lighting products
701410 LED downlight
701411 reflection type self ballast LED lamp
701501 building doors and windows
701502 hollow glass
701507 aluminium alloy profile
701508 inorganic thermal insulation products
701601 cars
701701 micro hydro power equipment
702101 solar hot water systems
702102 gas stove
702103 household kitchen ventilator
702104 digital projector
704001 tap
704002 overall bathroom
704003 water tank accessories
704004 water resources management system
704005 toilet flushing valve
704006 shower
704007 toilet
704008 industrial washing machines
704009 shower room
704010 washing powder
704011 shower
704013 liquid detergent
704014 fabric rinsing products
704015 revolving water decanter
704016 grille decontamination machine
704018 reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant
704019 hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules
704020 recycled water use devices
704021 cooling towers
704022 water heating with internal thread connection valve
704023 air cooled heat exchangers
704024 pipe
704026 2- -1,2,4- three carboxyl phosphonic acid butane
704027 acrylic acid acrylate copolymer
704028 isothiazolone derivatives
704029 IC card water meter
Water spray type condenser for 704030 ammonia refrigerating plant
704031 butterfly valves
704033 water supply, drainage and sewage piping with the interface sealing ring
704034 rotary sprinkler
704035 drip irrigation tape (tube)
704036 light and small sprinkler
704037 electric large sprinkler
704038 automatic cleaning net type filter
704039 non rotary sprinkler
704041 thermostatic faucets
706001 household electric washing machines