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China energy efficiency labeling application process

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 778Time: 2016-04-15SMB

According to the national development and Reform Commission and the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in 2004 the 17 orders issued < energy efficiency labeling management measures >, implementation of energy efficiency labeling system since March 1, 2005. It has promulgated four batch of catalog, covering 15 kinds of products, including started on March 1 next year, computer monitors and photocopiers and other office equipment. Energy efficiency labeling system is different from the known as CCC certification or energy certification system, the is corporate self declaration mode of supervision and Administration for the record. For the convenience of the enterprises for energy efficiency labeling, the detection and filing process is explained as follows.

Step 1: product detection
Energy efficiency testing should be carried out in a qualified laboratory. Shenzhen city through science and technology limited company (Toby) is in the energy efficiency labeling management center for the record of the third-party testing organization, computer monitors, copiers, self ballasted fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamp, such as products may be entrusted to our center were detected.
According to the corresponding national standards for energy efficiency inspection after passing, I center issued energy efficiency testing report. Testing report is product energy efficiency logo marked an important basis for the energy consumption indicators. The original report to submitted to the energy efficiency labeling management center audit and filing.

Step 2: The production of energy efficiency labeling
In order to safeguard the seriousness of the labeling system for market supervision, effectively improve the consumer to the identification of identity, and cognitive ability, the style of China energy efficiency logo is unified and strict requirements. All kinds of products of energy efficiency labeling, the shape of the, colors, patterns and the overall layout of the basic type remains the same, but different in size and energy consumption indicators. Therefore, enterprises should according to the products of the corresponding implementation rules made energy efficiency labeling.
Please click to download the CorelDRAW format editing of energy efficiency labeling samples. With CorelDRAW 11.0 version of the above (with Founder font) to open, marked the producer name, model specifications, energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating index. Energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating index should be determined according to the test report. Energy efficiency indicators should not exceed the range of the appropriate level of energy efficiency, measured samples of energy efficiency indicators should be able to meet the energy efficiency logo label value.
Energy efficiency labeling to 80 grams and above coated paper printing, the use of the adhesive in the apparent position of the products or the smallest package. For the record to provide a logo samples for review.

Step 3: Online fill in the record information
First of all, in China energy efficiency labeling network (www.energylabel.gov.cn) registered business users. To provide the basic information of the enterprise, after the administrator audit (about 3 days) to complete the registration.
Registration success after login, add the product for the record related information, mainly for energy efficiency labeling labeling information. More detailed information, please refer to the China energy efficiency labeling net home page on the left side of the "service guide" column.

Step 4: submit the required text materials for the record
Submit the following text materials to the China energy efficiency labeling management center:
A copy of the producer's business license or the registration certificate;
Energy efficiency labeling record enterprise information table;
Energy efficiency labeling samples; (see second step)
Energy efficiency labeling record form;
Energy efficiency test report; (see first step)
When it involves brand authorization or OEM production, it is required to provide:
Brand authorization;
Energy efficiency labeling record OEM statement;
If the producer is an overseas registered enterprise, the importer is also responsible for Fang Zhiyi, so it is also required to provide:
A copy of the business license or the registration certificate of the importer;
Importer enterprise information sheet;
A copy of the relevant contract signed by the importer and the overseas producer;
Energy efficiency labeling management center receives the written record filing materials, generally within 10 working days of the feedback or rectification. After the completion of the record will be in China energy efficiency labeling network publicity, the relevant information can be according to record number, the producer name or type of query.