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Introduction of energy efficiency labeling in China

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 802Time: 2016-04-15SMB

Energy efficiency labeling also known as energy efficiency labeling, is attached in the energy consuming products or the minimum packaging, said information label product energy efficiency rating, such as performance indicators, the purpose is for users and consumers in the purchase decision-making to provide the necessary information, to guide and help consumers select energy-efficient energy-saving products, 2004. In August, the national development and Reform Commission, the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly formulated and issued < energy efficiency labeling management measures > (hereinafter referred to as the way to < >), which marks the China will implement energy efficiency labeling system.

China's energy efficiency labeling system on March 1, 2005 started the implementation according to the provisions of the < >, the national development and Reform Commission, AQSIQ and recognize the supervisory committee formulated and issued < Law of the people's Republic of China on the implementation of energy efficiency labeling of the product catalog (the first batch) >, < China energy efficiency logo basic style >, < household refrigerator energy efficiency logo Implementation Rules > and < room air regulating device of energy efficiency labeling Implementation Rules > (2004 No. 71), since March 1, 2005 will be the first from the ice box, the two air-conditioning products began to implement energy efficiency labeling system.

Way < > provisions, the national development and Reform Commission, the AQSIQ and the state recognized Supervision Commission is responsible for the energy efficiency labeling system to establish and organize the implementation of. Where the products listed in the directory < > should be in minimum product or product packaging was a marked unified energy efficiency labeling, and in the product specification description. Energy efficiency labeling to take the producer or importer of self declaration, for the record, the relevant government departments strengthen supervision and management of the implementation model.

Energy efficiency logo is attached on the products or products of the minimum package a label information. For that product energy efficiency rating, such as performance indicators, for users and consumers in the purchase decision-making to provide the necessary information, in order to guide for users and consumers to choose energy efficient products. The establishment and implementation of energy efficiency labeling system, to improve the energy efficiency of energy consuming equipment, raise consumer awareness of energy conservation, accelerate the construction of energy-saving society, easing the comprehensive construction of a well-off society is facing the energy constraint conflicts has very important significance.

Energy efficiency labeling as blue and white background, the top marked "China energy label" (CHINA ENERGY LABEL) words, sticky back, pasted on the front panel of the product requirements. Identification of the structure can be divided into background information fields, the energy efficiency rating rollout and related indicators of product display bar. As a kind of information identification, energy efficiency labeling intuitively express with the energy efficiency rating of energy products, energy consumption indicators and other important performance indicators, and the energy efficiency level is the most important indicator of whether such judgment products, energy efficiency level of products is low, said the energy efficiency is high, energy saving effect is better, more power. At present China's energy efficiency labeling energy efficiency is divided into 1,2,3,4,5 five grades, grade 1 products reach the international advanced level, the minimum energy consumption of electricity, namely; grade 2 said more energy-saving; Level 3 products can be said Efficiency of the source for the average level of our country market; level 4 said product energy efficiency is lower than the market average. Grade 5 is the market access indicators, below the rank of the requirements of the products do not allow the production and sales. To popularize the awareness of energy saving and efficiency in all types of consumer groups, energy efficiency rating show column with 3 kinds of forms to visual expression of energy efficiency rating information: one is part of the text "low energy consumption, medium, and high energy consumption"; second part numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, according to the level of emotional color on behalf of the arrangement of the color indicators, the red on behalf of the prohibition, orange, yellow, on behalf of the warning, green environmental protection and energy saving.

Therefore, energy efficiency labeling allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency of different products, so that consumers can buy more energy-saving, more cost-effective products.