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Shenzhen City Science and technology limited company is approved by the business sector, has an independent legal personality of the comprehensive and professional third-party testing organizations, mainly engaged in electronic and electrical product safety (safety) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) physical.

The company is located in Bao'an District Science Park,  convenient transportation and beautiful environment. We have many years of experience and excellent engineers and professional marketing team of.TOBY company has more than 100 employees, including 40 technicians, management personnel more than 10 people, TOBY company is committed to quality service, rich experience and professional the technical knowledge, to domestic and foreign manufacturers successfully obtain international certification, to help companies expand overseas market. Provide the application for certification, for many enterprises the standard advice, testing, technical support, countermeasures and certification for quality and efficient "one-stop" service, will ensure that you in the shortest time, the most reasonable the cost to achieve maximum benefit from the market.
Laboratory introduction
Toby technology not only and the German Rhine, American UL, ETL, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintained good relations and with the Shenzhen Municipal Quality Inspection Metrology Research Institute, Shenzhen electronic product quality testing center, Shenzhen Commodity Inspection Bureau, Guangzhou CEPREI, Guangzhou daily electrical detection, National Laboratory has a good cooperation. Can be directly used for RoHS, UL, ETL, CE, CCC, and on all the tests, to help customers to apply once obtained the multinational certification.
Company advantage
To the rich information resources: domestic and foreign authoritative testing agencies, related industries, have extensive contacts with the environmental quality research institutions, information channels, to provide global market permits.
and improve the internal quality management system: since its beginning, countered to repair the enterprise spirit as the leading factor, to fulfill its commitment to the society and dedicated to the proposition that with the purpose of serving ethics, strictly regulate the work, to rigorous scientific attitude, justice, independently provide accurate test data.
And excellent service system: we and the certification body all remain good interactive relationship, at any time for discussion and communication technology. The company's engineers has coached companies in a variety of product certification, you only need to prepare the basic product information, we can for you to provide full service.
Many intermediate links, so that customers are satisfied with the price system: certification bodies all remain good interactive relationship, at any time for technical discussion and communication. We could communicate with foreign certification bodies directly, eliminating the need for, coupled with our effective cost control, greatly reduce the operation cost. As far as possible in a nearby factory laboratory, shorter testing time and at lower cost.
The principle of cooperation in good faith: the business secrets of the conservative enterprise.

Corporate culture
Your company philosophy: integration of talent capital and technology resources, and jointly promote the product development; agglomerating active positive and responsible spirit, continue to strengthen the competitive advantage.
Your company tenet: we are committed to the electronic consumer products at home and abroad certification consulting, product testing rectification and improvement, and help enterprise product smoothly in the market sales, increase market share.
Your standard spirit: sureness, honest man; do not make excuses for failure to to find a successful way, to have high ideals, but not ideal, always in search of a better; there in fall, climb up there.
Your service tenet: professional and efficient comprehensive scientific integrity, rigorous standards specification.
Your goal: to actively explore, create first-class certification company continuous improvement.
Your shared vision: to continuously improve the standard working ability (knowledge, thought pattern, for services); happy to work two or three years, behind the future really worry free; the Toby construction as one of the private enterprises in ten certification!