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CQC certification mark application guide

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 641Time: 2016-04-15SMB

(一) the submission of the new application for CQC certification

To fill in the application form in accordance with the application:

1.CQC certification according to need to choose Chinese, English version. Therefore, it is necessary to use the correct simplified Chinese, English fill in the application form, the applicant need English certificate, an overseas applicant need Chinese certification and request the applicant to provide accurate translation of the relevant content.

2 applicants at the same time to apply for CCC + CB or CQC + CB certification, as long as the CCC network on the choice of CB CQC or CB CQC can be submitted to two applications. The application of CB should pay attention to fill in the correct translation of English information.

3 please read all kinds of product division unit principles and guidelines to ensure that in an application for a number of models and specifications of products, these models for the same application unit.

4 in an application for a model specification product has a number of trademarks or multiple models of the product with a number of trademarks, should pay attention to ensure that these trademarks are registered or have passed the authorization of the trademark holder.

5 in the application of multi functional products, determine the category of products should be based on the main function of the product testing standards to determine.

6 initial application: as a result of the initial application for Factory review, so fill in the application form should be selected for the first time, in the remarks column indicate the need to carry out the initial Factory review, hope the factory review time.

7 once again to apply: once again the application does not need to carry out the factory review, so fill in the application should choose "once again", in the factory number column to fill in the corresponding number.

8 change application: change the application is on the basis of the certificate to change the product, so fill in the application form should fill in the original certificate number, to obtain a new certificate need to return the original certificate.

9. The derivative product application: derived products and has been certified products is of the same series, the same security unit products. Fill in the application form should be pay attention to in the remarks column fill in the difference with the original product is particularly important, which can help determine whether to send the samples for the type test. To fill in the application of the information of the applicant, manufacturers, the name of the manufacturer should fill in the name of legal person, should not fill in the name of the individual.

For a written application, the China Quality Certification Center received the applicant submit CCC written after the receipt of an application, the corresponding application information (manufacturers) input to the CQC website, and inform the applicant of the username and password and an electronic version of the online certification of public documents, application guide and other information, such as transformation into paperback form by fax or other media notice to the applicant. CCC written application form applicant should also pay attention to these issues.

(二) the acceptance of the new application for CQC certification

The applicant fill out the application information, according to the product categories, the corresponding products will be accepted by the offices of certified engineers, the application will be given a unique application number, that is Chinese Quality Certification Center formally accepted the application, in the application of the certificate, the applicant should be timely, often enter their own users query the application code, we can see that all of the information and the application process. The applicant a written application submitted after the product certification engineer after receiving the corresponding application number will notify the applicant. Please obtain a new Shanghai application number only after the product certification through the network engineer in the registered user to the application of the applicant a "product evaluation plan" this includes the application process from submission to the certificate of the whole process:
(1) the information required to apply for certification (the applicant, the manufacturer, the product, etc.);
(2) the number and type of test samples to be provided for the application for certification;
(3) certification bodies to review and unit division of work time;
(4) sample test based on the standard, expected detection cycle;
(5) is expected to arrange the time initial factory inspection, the number of people who needed according to the factory inspection for factory scale.
(6) the qualification assessment of the sample test report and the working time of the certificate issuing;
(7) estimated certification fees: application fee, approval and registration fee, test fee (including machine test, random safety component test), factory inspection fee;

The applicant shall pay attention to the following points in accordance with the provisions of the "product evaluation activities plan" to submit technical information and samples:
1 more than one type of product specifications, should provide the different specifications of the product specifications, the prototype should be representative models, covering the entire model specifications to avoid duplication;
2 need to carry out the whole machine and components of random testing, in addition to the whole machine also need to provide components of technical information and samples;
3. Derived products application should be provided to illustrate the differences between the prototype and model specifications products, if necessary, provide the testing data of the prototype.
4 overseas factories need to review the initial factory, should fill in the < very Factory review form >, provide product description, product description by the laboratory confirmation, you can in type test stage for Factory review.
5 the application for change should be sent back with the original certificate.
Laboratory Approval prototype, after passing the acceptance of prototype, the applicant should request "qualified sample sample receipt" in order to test cycle is extended to the query; if the prototype does not meet the requirements of the laboratory will be "sample report" issued to the applicant. The applicant after rectification replenish to send samples, after passing the acceptance issued to the applicant "sample collection receipt.