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Brazil certification UCIEE new regulations

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 607Time: 2016-04-18SMB

Brazil certification of new regulations
Important standards update: Brazil start compulsory certification program for home appliances
Implementation date July 1, 2011

According to 371 of Brazil issued the rules, since the beginning of July 1, 2011, sold to Brazil's household and related categories of electrical products (such as a kettle, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, etc.) must be the Inmetro compulsory certification. Decrees of the third chapter provides for the mandatory certification of household appliances, products test shall be carried out in an Inmetro accredited laboratory, each laboratory have the specified range of products.

At present, product certification in Brazil divided into mandatory certification and voluntary certification. Mandatory certification of products including medical devices, circuit breaker, dangerous places to use the device, plug socket for household, household switch, wires, cables and components, fluorescent lamp ballasts and other and certification must be from an Inmetro accredited certification bodies and other certificate will not be accepted.

Brazil few accredited laboratory overseas, most of the products need to send samples to Brazil specified lab for testing.TOBY as a global network of resources, in Brazil have cooperation an Inmetro accredited laboratory, so as to realize the local test, replacing the sample sent to overseas a lot of trouble, to help you quickly open up the international market.

371 law enforcement timetable
According to the 371 act of December 29, 2009, sold to Brazil and applied to IEC60335-1