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Brazil certification |UCIEE introduced UCIEE certification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 615Time: 2016-04-18SMB

Brazil certification UCIEE introduction:
TheNationalInstituteofMetrology, StandardizationandIndustrialQuality (INMETRO) is the Brazil national accreditation body (Body Accreditation), is responsible for the development of national standards.
Brazil products in addition to meet the standards developed by the Brazil INMETRO, but also must be accompanied by a mandatory INMETRO logo and certification accreditation bodies, such as BR - UL logo.
INMETRO logo can be divided into two categories: compulsory and voluntary.

Compulsory product
Medical instrument
Circuit separator
Electrical equipment for high risk
Gas system equipment (pressure regulator and hose)
Switch, plug, socket
Wire and cable
Voltage regulator
Voluntary category
Household appliances
IT equipment
Consumer electronics
Lighting equipment
UL is recognized by the INMETRO of a small number of non Brazil certification body, UL can be based on the national standard in Brazil, to assist customers to assess and test all the mandatory product.

INMETRO Brazil UL certification services
UL's branches can be nearby to provide localized INMETRO testing services that allow you to quickly enter the market.
Brazilian standards mainly to the IEC standard based, UL can not only provide authentication services in Brazil, can also help you obtain the UL Mark, GS, CE mark, CCC Mark,, reduce duplication of products testing, saving time and cost.
UL according to the CB test report, to assist you to complete the Brazil national standard deviation test and issue INMETRO logo.
UL Brazil experts will provide you with just and resources to accelerate you to enter the South American market.
In most of Brazil's standards, documents and relevant communication with Portuguese, UL, Brazil's service personnel will help you break language barriers to expedite the application process.

Communications equipment to enter Brazil
Brazil's official telecommunications certification body AssociacaoNCCCertificacoesdoBrasil (NCC-OCD) and UL signed an agreement of understanding, recognized by UL in accordance with national security standards and the provisions of the EMC test telecommunications products, issued OCD certification.
NCC-OCD made by Brazil National Communications Agency (ANATEL) authorized for communication products certification bodies.
UCIEE website link: www.uciee.org