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U.S. Energy Star (STAR ENERGY) application process

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 618Time: 2016-04-18SMB

U.S. Energy Star (STAR ENERGY) application process:
1 application as a partner: the applicant can directly enter the site www.energystar.gov for a partner's application, you can contact the third party labs for help.
2 contact the NVLAP quality of the third party labs, and commissioned to carry out related tests.
3 will be fully qualified experimental report, fill out the qualification form as well as the product packaging submitted to the energy star.
4. With testing and packaging requirements of the product model can be considered to be compatible with the energy star, and will receive a letter (initially identified letter) letter: statement products meet all the basic requirements and in the product packaging using certification mark and put on the market, and products in the marketing materials and website are identified.
5. Producers in the preliminary identification of the letter a deadline, deadline before the date shall be submitted to the final average rated life time test report to complete the energy star CFL qualification steps and complete the comprehensive identification requirements in. This deadline based on the average rated life test began to date and CFL rating life. Such as the trial is completed within 45 days, can not be submitted to the final test report will lead directly to the models do not have the qualifications.

Matters needing attention:
1. Producers, vendors, distributors and other energy star partner should buy qualified CFL product and deliver the product, through the completion and submission of the proprietary label qualification form (provided by the partner of the energy star CFL Project Manager) in order to qualified products list list. Once proprietary label table and product packaging is confirmed, proprietary label partners will receive energy star's letters, statement this model will increase to CFL on the list of products qualified, and as energy star products on the packaging began using the energy star certification mark.
2. Partners must be on the label of its proprietary CFLs product (with accurate information, such as Watt, lumen output, rated life, similar information, etc.) provide evidence of a packaging. Error if the submitted information on product packaging, energy star will think this model is not qualified until submitted to the right packaging so far.