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Common problems in the US Energy Star

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 682Time: 2016-04-18SMB

1, How to handle has earned the energy star products?
As the maker of EPA partners (Partner), the manufacturer must before 30 November 2010 to re sign a new partnership agreement (Partner Commitment).
The manufacturer must a currently meet and to continue to maintain the Energy Star qualified products list. This qualified products list in March 31, 2011 recently submitted to the certification body in order to determine the annual verification test must be submitted to the certification body.
The energy star products will begin to accept the annual verification test from 2011.

2, From January 1, 2011 onwards, the energy star what new changes?
The Energy Star program is a co management by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of energy. From January 1, 2011, EPA will manage the Energy Star program, including: partnership agreement, energy star Mark, listing online; DOE will provide technical support and include: To evaluate new technologies and its influence on the testing process, testing process and interpretation; third party testing and validation will replace the previous self declaration mode.

3, What are the three main terms of New Energy Star program?
EPA AIS - Assessment of certification and Accreditation of testing laboratory institutions.
Energy Star products - Identification of representative EPA EPA certification agencies.
EPA recognized testing laboratory - based on the EPA process, testing laboratory in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC17025, can be third party laboratory such as Moore laboratory, also can be the first party laboratory.

4, What is the role of the laboratory accreditation EPA?
In the energy star standard test products, and to the EPA accredited certification body to provide test report.

5, What is the role of the EPA certification body?
Communication with the EPA product name;
Maintain audit records for the first qualification and validation history of each product;
Release of Energy Star certification - the use of energy for each product by the use of Energy Star logo.

6, Energy star third party certification requirements will take effect?
December 31, 2010.

7, The new third party certification requirements, energy star certification?
Energy Star partner in the past can in any laboratory test the product, and then directly to the EPA submitted a qualified application. Certification program, the manufacturer partners need in EPA approved laboratory testing, test report submitted to EPA approved certification bodies to carry out the energy star certification application. Once qualified audit institutions recognized and authorized institutions will be the product data submitted to the EPA, the product listing to energy star website.

8, What time can play on the energy star in the product marks?
Manufacturer partners can after receipt of written notice from the certification body of them playing on the energy star logo. The only exception is if the manufacturer is the first application of energy star, EPA will completed the partner application process, and provide manufacturer partners about energy star standard sign and the use of guides and other information.

9, How much of my product to be tested and tested, how long to measure?
Authorized institutions responsible for from their certified products, at least a year sampling 10% of the products are tested. These products in at least half above is random sampling. Therefore, for each manufacturer partners annual testing and validation of the product quantity is uncertain. Accreditation bodies also decided when the selection of products were detected. May be a quarter, half a year.

10, Must be in the EPA accreditation Laboratory for product testing?
Yes. Must be in the ISO / IEC17025 accredited laboratory energy star test. 4 if the first party laboratory accreditation body to oversee the manufacturers of laboratory (SMTL) or witness manufacturers of laboratory WMTL, the EPA also can accept the test results.

11, More energy star certification information query to where?
More about the American Energy Star TOBY LAB or contact information, please inquire:
Http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm c=partners.enhanced_test_verification?

12, Why choose TOBY LAB to complete the energy star certification?
Toby lab is the famous third-party testing and Certification Laboratories and obtain the TAF and CNAs double recognized the ISO17025 laboratory, its credibility is higher, Toby lab in energy efficiency testing and certification has a years of rich experience, according to the characteristics of the products help enterprises to formulate appropriate energy star certification scheme, makes the enterprise to correct the complete test and Energy Star certification logo.