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    What are the current battery products testing and certification?

    UN38.3 (UN38.3 detection, identification of transport conditions, 1.2m package drop test), MSDS, ce-emc, CE-LVD EN62133, battery directive, CB certification, UL certification, PSE certification, KC certification, domestic and national security and industry standard detection (issued by national battery testing center report).

    What is MFI certification?

    Apple MFi certification, Apple Corp (AppleInc.) for its authorized accessories manufacturers to produce a license to use the external accessories, is the apple made for iPhone made for iPod made, for iPad, the English abbreviation.

    REACH certification of the management process

    Products exported to EU countries, generally by the provisions of the EU customers hungry reach test, reach what test? Many people will Q: reach certification and reach test, actually is the same, the two statements are for the same kind of test report and the report to be qualified. Then handling the reach certification to go what procedures? Bai Biao told you: the export product samples express company - fill test application form, signed a contract offer, arrange payment, arrange the test, in a certain period of time to issue a report.

    PSE certification cycle and process

    Diamond PSE logo requires 3~4 weeks test (assuming a good design, detection of a one-time pass) and 2-3 weeks of the initial project inspection. Circular PSE mark is 2~3 weeks to test, plus a week of report processing (no need to review the plant).

    Certification process: the signing of quotations, fill in the application form, provide technical information (such as the specification), samples, payment, the report confirmed that the original report.

    ID FCC certification application process

    To apply for a FRN, used to fill in the other table. If the applicant is the first application of FCC ID, you need to apply for a permanent Grantee Code. to Grantee Code while waiting for the approval of FCC distribution, the applicant should seize the time will be ready for material testing equipment. And the detection report submitted to all FCC FCC has been completed, the applicant should have been approved by the Grantee Code. with this Code, test reports and materials required to complete the FCC Form 731 and Form 159.FCC received Form 159 and remittance on the Internet, the average time began to accept the certification application.FCC accepted ID application for 60 days. At the end of acceptance, FCC will FCC ID Original Grant sent to the applicant. The applicant can sell or export products after getting the certificate.

    What is CE certification?

    "CE" is a kind of safety certification mark is seen for manufacturers to open and to enter the European market passport.CE on behalf of the European unification (conformite Europeenne). Those labeled "CE" logo products can be in the EU domestic sales, there is no need to comply with the requirements of each member country, so as to realize the free circulation of goods in the EU member states within the scope. In simple terms CE certification is the product into a mandatory certification of the European market.

    CE certification is a European directive core of "main demand", in the new method of the EC May 7, 1985 85/C136/01, < technology coordination and standard resolution > on the need to develop and as instruction purpose of the implementation of the "main demand" has a specific meaning, which is restricted to products that do not endanger human, animals and goods safety aspects of the basic safety requirements, rather than general quality requirements, coordination of instruction only provides main requirements, general instructions are the standard task. The product conforms to relevant instructions regarding the main requirement, can attach a CE mark without according to a standard of quality in general provisions ruled could use the CE mark.

    Therefore the accurate meaning is: CE mark is safe and qualified mark but not the quality mark.

    The CE of the word is from the French "communate Europpene" abbreviation, is the meaning of the European community. The European Community later evolved into the European Union (EU).

    What is CCC certification?

    CCC certification is 3C certification.

    The full name of the 3C certification is "mandatory product certification system", it is the Chinese government for the protection of consumer personal safety and national security, strengthen the management of product quality, in accordance with the laws and regulations for the implementation of a kind of product conformity assessment system. The so-called 3C certification, is China compulsory product recognition permit system, English name China Compulsory Certification, the English abbreviation CCC.

    Why do you want to carry out 3C certification?

    For the implementation of China's accession to the WTO commitments on accession to the WTO, to adapt to the needs of the development of the market economy in China, the establishment of international standards and technical evaluation mechanism, China according to the four unified principles established China compulsory product certification system (CCC).CCC is full quality licensing system (CCIB) safe on the original import and export goods, safety certification mandatory supervision system (Great Wall), network license system, licensing system, industrial products production license system in whole or in part replaced.

    National certification and accreditation according to the duties entrusted by the State Council, in December 2001, 3, announced a mandatory product certification system. Since May 1, 2002 onwards, began to accept the first included in the mandatory product certification directory 19 categories of 132 kinds of products certification application.

    In May 1, 2002, the certification of these products began to implement law enforcement supervision (now postponed until August 1st).

    What are the requirements of the CE certification mark?

    EU regulations, the need for CE certification requirements of products, in the market before the sale must CE mark affixed. Product affixed CE mark indicates that the product is safe and reliable products, in line with the CE certification requirements, can be sold in the EU market.

    CE certification mark must comply with the following requirements:
    1, the vertical dimensions of each part of the CE mark must be substantially the same, and shall not be less than 5mm.
    2, the CE logo must be clearly identified, not easy to rub off.
    3, CE conformity marking must be affixed on the nameplate data. However, if due to the nature of the product could not do or can't promise is must affixed to the product packaging. If the instruction in the CE conformity marking requirements in the otherwise, according to the requirements of the directive are.
    If the CE flag is reduced or enlarged, the scale percentage specified in the drawing shall be observed.