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Energy efficiency management agency in Australia and New Zealand

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 708Time: 2016-04-18SMB

In Australia and New Zealand, the federal level in charge of energy efficiency management mechanism for the ministerial level Energy Council (MCE) and E3 Committee. In addition, the Australian States and New Zealand and responsible for electrical equipment energy management agencies, such as Victoria's Energy Security Bureau, bureau of technical regulator, South Australia, new Zealand's energy efficiency and Conservation Committee.

The 1 ministerial level Energy Council and the E3 Committee (the federal level)

At the federal level, the Australian and New Zealand for energy management mechanism for the ministerial level Energy Council (MCE).MCE by the Council of Australian governments (COAG) was established in 2001, is the Australian energy market national policy and management institutions, mainly responsible for the development of instruments and equipment energy label and minimum energy performance standard (MEPs) plan. Council from the Australian government, states and regions responsible for energy affairs minister composition. According to the trans Tasman mutual recognition agreement, a member of the New Zealand Department of energy is also the MCE, with the right to vote.

Revision of guidelines for management of MCE subordinate energy efficiency working group (EEWG) is mainly responsible for the relevant state / region in the management of energy efficiency labeling and performance standards of the state and territory legislation used. Equipment energy efficiency Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "E3 committee") according to the guidelines of instruments and equipment energy efficiency management and E3 to the MCE and EEWG submit related equipment energy efficiency implementation report, and by MCE direct management.E3 by States and regions, and New Zealand is responsible for the management mechanism of energy efficiency labels and Performance Standards Legislation composition. The management mechanism of state and territory legislation should reach a consensus with other agencies.

State legislative plan depend on the legislation of the States and territories to determine their impact in national legislation. Related state and regional legislation must be based on National Accreditation of "Model Regulations". The legislative institutions and industrial sectors can participation in legislation, in order to ensure the formulation of the technical requirements of the fair and equitable.