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Canada IC certification introduction

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 674Time: 2016-04-18SMB

IC is referred to as the Industry Canada Industry Canada as a government agency provides standard for the detection of analog and digital terminal equipment, responsible for electrical and electronic products to enter the Canadian market transaction authentication regulations on the import of electronic products must pass the relevant EMC certification. The responsible products roughly equipment for radio and television, information technology equipment, radio equipment, telecommunication equipment engineering, medical equipment, is similar with the United States FCC IC is currently only in the electromagnetic interference limited.

1 control units: Canada Industry (referred to as IC)

2 specification: C.R.C., c.1374 (Interference Regulation Radio)
ICES-003 (Equipment Standards Interference-Causing)

3 regulatory nature: mandatory

4 control mode: accept Grant FCC; that is, DoC FCC or ID FCC can clearance.

5 Label or Manual must also be labeled at the same time, the French language is as follows:

The Class [*] digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulation. Cet appareil numerique de la class [*] respecte toutes les exigences du Reglement sur le materiel brouilleur du Canada .

* : Insert either "A" or "B" but not both are appropriate for the equipment requirements

IC certification standards are basically consistent with the IC, FCC is currently only on the electromagnetic interference to do limits
Scientific, and Medical Radio Frequency Generators ICES-001:Industrial

Equipment Standards-Digital Apparatus ICES-003:Interference-Causing

Such as ICES003:ITE: products and computer peripheral office equipment, IC RSS series low power radio frequency products. Such as: RSS 210, applies to products: wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless remote control toys and a variety of low power radio frequency

products, CS03 (terminal of telecommunication PSTN)

By Canada FCB, equivalent to the United States TCB, hair IC certificate, you can also send IC ID is generally do CE, FCC when direct IC, VCCI, MIC and BSMI certificate IC industrial Canada): the Canadian Ministry of industry of EMC in electronic and electrical appliances, wireless telecom products, communication products certification requirements.