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Penalties for violations of energy efficiency labeling

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 662Time: 2016-04-15SMB

Is different with the previous logo, the launch of the logo on the authorized units have "identity card", to prevent the emergence of false marking. The regulations state that, to authorize the release of the body identifier must be in the website notice has been filed product identification information and each quarter in the media announcement; if consumers find problems, public registry web site, according to the identification record number query, or call the hotline, oral complaints.

Energy efficiency labeling management measures > Article 23, Article 24, Article 25, respectively, under the of failing to indicate energy efficiency labeling, no record of energy efficiency labeling and the use of energy efficiency labeling styles and specifications does not conform to the specified requirements, and forgery, fraudulent use, latent energy efficiency labeling and other acts of legal liability and the corresponding punishment. Punishment measures mainly including ordering to make corrections within a prescribed time limit, the bulletin of the exposure and a fine.