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Hungary S-Mark certified |MEEI product safety certification introduction

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 797Time: 2016-04-18SMB

Hungary S-Mark certification and MEEI product safety certification introduction


Certification mark:S-Mark            MEEI   Mark  

Nature: voluntary (Voluntary)
Certification requirements: security and EMC
Voltage: 230V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Member states of the CB system: Yes
Factory inspection: the need to specify the agency's factory inspection report
Specification: Hungarian
Certification cycle: 1-2 S-Mark week (CB time)
2-3 MEEI week (CB time)
Application form: CB report or GS report based on the EMC report.

In addition to the above EMC and safety reports, other documents required:
Factory inspection report (for MEEI certification: MC-6C audit report, MC-7 control report, MC-6B investigation report)
design, specification, circuit diagram
Temperature rise test results
Product photos
Hungarian Manual of instruction
Hungarian security warning text
EU declaration of conformity (only for S and MEEI marks)
Product and report consensus
Declaration letter using the MEEI security flag (only for the MEEI flag)
Use MEEI login security sign contract (only for MEEI sign) Hungary's electrical products test is based on the relevant provisions of the personal, health, property safety, in accordance with the provisions of the Hungarian electrical standards and the mandatory experiment.
Hungarian certification authority: Magyar Elektrotechnikai Ellenorzo Intezet-MEEI

MEEI website link: www.meei.hu