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CSA certification introduction, CSA certification agent

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CSA certification introduction: before 1992, sales of CSA certified products only in the Canadian market, and the product to enter the American market, also must obtain the relevant certification in the United States. Now CSA International has been recognized by the federal government as a national recognized testing laboratory. This means can according to your product testing and certification and Canada the standards of the United States, while ensuring your certification by the federal, provincial and local government, admitted.

With effective CSA product safety certification, to enter the world's tough and broad North American market will easily.CSA can help your products quickly and effectively into the United States and Canada CSA market. International by eliminating duplicate procedures for application in the certification process to help companies save time and money. For manufacturers, have to do is make a request to provide. Samples and pay a fee, and the safety signs can be federal, state, province and from New York to Los Angeles local recognition.CSA international will and manufacturers together to provide a high quality and safe and reliable certification program. In North America and even the whole world, CSA people are honest and skilled to win people's trust.

CSA international in Canada with four laboratory. From 1992 to 1994, which has received formal recognition of "American Government Labor Department Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to OSHA rules to obtain the recognition, can be used as a a national recognized testing laboratory, of a series of products in accordance with more than 360 American ANSI / UL standards for testing and certification. The CSA international testing and certification of products, was identified as fully meet the standard requirements, can be sold to the United States and Canada market.

In 1997, CSA international and China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. (CCIC) cooperation, one after another in Guangzhou and Shanghai set up offices in China, at present the two offices have a total of 57 local engineers and sales staff. The local team, CSA international is to enter the local customers in the North American market to provide timely, economic and reliable authentication service. Since its inception, CSA international has helped many domestic customers obtain CSA certification and the required safety signs smoothly into the market of the United States and Canada, and widely used by retailers, law enforcement agencies and consumer recognition and acceptance.

CSA International enhanced Chinese local team of professional strength, perfect testing facilities, to ensure the provision of quality testing and efficient customer service, help them shorten product delivery time. Therefore, CSA International in the North American engineers stationed in Hongkong, to provide local services to domestic customers. Since the beginning of 2000, to provide the efficient localization services need to ensure that the resources, CSA International of the Hongkong office and gradually expand the scale, constantly stationed more relevant experts, to provide better support for the already powerful local team, provide better services for the rapidly expanding customer base. In addition, CSA International also added a North American international professional support team, provide favorable technical support for testing and certification projects in Asia. Currently, the team a total of 16 professional engineers They and local Chinese team cooperation, deepen local team of different standard understanding, communication testing process, supervise the implementation, together for the project of local Chinese customers, to ensure customers for the products meet the standard requirements of the North American market.

Achieved certification in North America not only save time and money, and only need to complete an application, provide a set of samples, the payment of a fee. The CSA, step can help you to enter the China market.CSA the convenience of testing certification services, excluding the achieved two different certification required repeated tests and evaluation. This will undoubtedly reduce the manufacturers in product certification tracking inspection and re testing costs, but also saves the precious time and save the manufacturers with a variety of different certification bodies dealing with trouble, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.

Marking CSA is through to the Canadian Standards Association Canadian Standard Association for login, after the unit recognized by the security and authorization of the product, the product can be added to the product Marking CSA logo.

CSA is a member of a nonprofit sponsor, set a standard in the field of including: health care technology, oil and gas pipeline system, occupational safety, electrical products and solar.CSA in Canada except for the company's total, otherwise the Atlantic region, Kui Beike area, Central Plains area, western region and the Pacific Region and other segments, around the world also has affiliates and diplomatic representatives.

CSA Standard is voluntary. City, the provincial and federal governments are often in the management of the use or reference to CSA standards to replace them to develop their own standards. In this case, CSA Standard has become government specifications for reference. The government or other organizations and associations may require compliance keep certain standards or specify a particular product required after verification to demonstrate compliance with certain standards. Are built on each organization do you want - Requirements for the use of CSA Standard and verification activities within their jurisdiction.

CSA marking is currently the world's most famous product safety approval symbol of, even the non mandatory, manufacturers in many areas are to achieve the symbol as for customers to recommend the product safety is an important basis and many buyers even specified purchase requirements have been added the CSA mark products. Recently, manufacturers are Canadian importers or buyers specify the desired situation the CSA mark is increasing.

CSA certification purposes:

CSA is the abbreviation of the Canadian Standards Association, it is Canada's largest certification and inspection organization, as an independent, folk, non-profit organization is mainly engaged in product certification for the public, government, business circles and so on, test and the related standards development and information service. It not only according to the authorization of the Canadian government departments engaged in project safety certification, but also bear quality performance to detect CSA certification.

More than 7000 volunteers CSA members from all walks of life across Canada and more than 2200 community sponsored members, these members more than 1000 Standards Committee, in the reasonable opinion of all benefit by mutual discussion, comprehensive principle, according to a certain program preparation phase when the scope of a variety of materials, a wide range of products, equipment, services and facilities standards, requirements and guidelines for the.CSA standard is adopted voluntarily, but the federal and local governments, often in the formulation of regulations and in accordance with CSA standard, this standard will become the basis of legislation, that is mandatory.CSA has six laboratories in Canada, headquartered in Toronto. In the far east of Japan. Taiwan, Hongkong set up three offices, at the same time, it also with Japan JMI, Holland KEMA, British BSI established a proxy authentication.