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South Africa SABS certification process |SABS certification matters needing attention

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 687Time: 2016-04-18SMB

South Africa SABS certification process |SABS certification matters needing attention:

1. First of all, businesses must specify an agent (agent), agents will be declared responsible for all data information and after-sales and other all matters. South Africa road traffic law (Act93:1996) require importers to register in the local department of transportation;
Belongs to the right-hand Member States, and only after registration can continue to test and submit documents to SABS. South Africa is the imperial countries.

3 should be strictly in accordance with relevant standards in South Africa to complete all the test items and will meet the NRCS report and other technical documents submitted;

4. The certification process includes two parts: test report review and comments of prototype check; (Note: vehicle inspection can according to the needs of enterprises in China or South Africa). once all the information and the vehicle through the NRCS of audit and assessment, NRCS will issue the certificate. Generally the entire audit process does not exceed 15 working days.

6 certificate effective date: as long as the standard of the applicable regulations did not change, while the vehicle without any modification, the certificate will continue;

7.NRCS will be responsible for the conformity of production control, such as the discovery of type does not match, it has the right to withdraw the certificate.

8 in order to ensure consistency of production, NRCS factory audit in the certificate after the application for a period of time.