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UL certification is required to provide information

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 755Time: 2016-04-18SMB

The information required to apply for UL certification
Written application: you should request the UL company to test the products of your company in writing.

Company information: in English and Chinese to provide the following units in detail and accurate name, address, contact person, zip code, telephone and fax.
(a) applicant company: a company that presents the application for product testing and is responsible for the full cost of the engineering services.
(b), listed company name: UL company in the publication of the catalogue of the products
(c) production plants: producers and producers of the product.

Product information: product information should be provided in English. First determine if your product is a UL test range:
(a) the name of the product: the full name of the product.
(b) the product model: detailed list of all the products that need to be tested, the variety, or the number of categories.
(c) the intended use of the product: for example, home, office, factory, coal, ship, etc.
(d), parts list: details product components and types of (classification), ratings, manufacturer name. For the insulation materials, please provide name of raw materials, for example: GEPolycarbonate, LexanType104. when components have been obtained UL certification or recognition or, please prove specific models of the parts, and indicate the UL file number.
(E) electrical properties: for electronic and electrical products, electrical schematic diagram (circuit diagram), electrical performance table.
(f), structure diagram: for most products, the product is required to provide the structure of the diagram or explosion diagram, the list of ingredients and so on.
(g) photographs of the products, instructions for use, safety and other items or installation instructions.