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China energy efficiency labeling

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China energy efficiency labeling

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 702Time: 2016-04-15SMB

China's energy efficiency labeling is divided into 5 grades
Products, generally does not allow; for now the world has more than 100 countries in the implementation of energy efficiency labeling system. Blue and white background color logo, divided into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 a total of five grades, grade 1 said products reached the international advanced level, the energy saving, the lowest energy consumption; Level 2 Comparison of electricity saving, level 3 products of energy efficiency for the market average level 4 said product energy efficiency is lower than the market average level; level 5 is the market access indicators, which is lower than the level requirements of products production and sales. The energy efficiency labeling for the back adhesive, the top marked "China energy efficiency standard knowledge" (China energy label) words of color label pasted on the front panel.

Home use of 2 energy efficiency ratio is the best
Is not the purchase of 1 energy efficiency than the most cost-effective air-conditioning?
In fact and otherwise, although in theory, level 1 eer air conditioning do two energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning unit power consumption is lower, however, whether to best money saving effect, according to the personal family used to conversion.
Generally speaking, small 1HP and an air-conditioning continuous work 10 hours to save 1.5 degrees every day, do not need to use such a long time family do not need to deliberately choose efficiency than the highest products. The market level 1 and level 5 levels of energy efficiency air conditioning prices likely to a difference of more than 1000 yuan, so for the family with a very short time, some 4-5 level of energy efficiency of air conditioning can also be considered. There are also experts pointed out that the two energy efficiency than is actually a "tipping point", according to estimates, general household use level 2 eer air conditioning effect usually achieve the best.