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Argentina IRAM certification introduced |IRAM certification

Source: ShenZhenTobyTechnologyCo.,LtdPopularity: 961Time: 2016-04-18SMB

Argentina IRAM certification introduction:

Argentina IRAM was established in 1935, is a non-profit private association. It as Argentina's national standards body, but also independent of authentication service. Argentina certification system is mainly according to develop Resolution92/98 1998 promulgated the and provisions from December 31, 2002, the products within the scope of the provisions must be through the Argentine accreditation organization (Argentina accreditation organization, OAA) accredited certification bodies complete inspection and certification.

Manufacturers in the product affixed to the Argentina S mark to indicate that the product is recognized. The Argentina S logo is mainly based on the national IRMA standard or IEC standard. In fact, most of the IRMA standard is based on the IEC standard.

While 92/98 Resolution is implemented by stage and contains a wide range of product range and safety standards.

IRAM is representative of Argentina in the following organizations:
ISO - National Standards Organization

MERCOSUR - 0P0DAMN Standards Association

PAN - COPANT - Technical Standards Committee of the United States

And management of the Argentina Electronic Technology Association, IEC Argentina National Committee


IRAM from the 60's began to become a certification body, it is now certified products in the following areas:
* Electronic Technology
* machinery
* chemical
* hygiene
* security and protection
* toy
* gas
* lifting machinery
* food
* medicine, etc., as well as the quality and environmental management system.

Inn (Chile) and Inmetro (Brazil) recognized the quality and environmental management system of CB (certificate authority), but also I-Qnet members it was OAA (Argentina) recognized electronic technology products of CB (certificate authority), is recognized by the government of the compulsory product certification certification body. It is also the OAA (Argentina).

Before the approval of the certificate, the need for a 'certification before - factory inspection'. Once the certificate is approved, it is necessary to carry out the next inspection of the factory.

IRAM after the holder to pay the certification fee is effective, unless because it does not meet the requirements of certain contracts or certification marks, or the holder of their own requirements, will be revoked.

Argentina certification phase

In order to ensure the safety of the public use of electrical appliances, Argentina requirements listed in the sales of electrical products must meet the requirements of the relevant safety regulations. Argentina in 1998 February 16, the promulgation of the resolution, began to establish the compulsory certification system in order to make in the Argentine market sales of electrical products meet minimum safety requirements. The implementation of the system is divided into three stages:

The first phase: of Conformity (Certificate)
This phase of certification is similar to the European CE certification. All electrical products into the Argentina market are required to have a certificate of compliance, that is, we usually say the CE certificate.

The second stage: type approval (Approval Type)
Products IRAM laboratory accreditation were tested after the acquisition by the issuance of certificate of type approval. Type approval only for safety testing, without the need for review of the plant, but products can not use any safety certification mark.

Third stage: product certification (Certification Product)
At this stage all the products sold in the Argentina market must be certified by the national certification mark, which can be used as a "S" mark.

At present, Argentina certification is to the third stage, that is, the product certification phase transition, type approval certificate is still acceptable in Argentina.

But in 2001~2002, the product will gradually complete the transition to the certification phase.

Argentina certification process

Certification of the first step of course is to choose the right certification bodies and laboratories.

IRAM is Argentina a and multi-national certification agencies have detailed information of cooperative relations of certification bodies.IRAM, found in the www.iram.com.ar only version of the site has only Spanish.

IRAM can accept the majority of NCB issued by the CB report covering the national differences in Argentina.

The prototype was prepared by 220V/50Hz and used to meet the requirements of the Argentina standard IRAM 2073 power cord plug.

The prototype is tested according to the corresponding IEC standard, issued by the CB NCB report.

Accompanying the report also to the IRAM submitted the application, authorization letter, the Importer Statement, product design, parameters, electrical wiring diagram, product photos, Spanish nameplate and instructions in English.

To use the "S" logo on the product, it is necessary to conduct a review of the plant to ensure consistency of product production.
The report provided by the IRAM after the review of qualified products can use the "S" mark.

Argentina certification: www.iram.com.ar